Pan-Pan: Eastside Multicultural Exhibition 2021 ~ February 4-20th

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Pan means all-inclusive, uniting, collective…

/ ˈpɑnˈpɑn / – An international distress signal, of less urgency than a mayday signal. Radioing pan-pan informs potential rescuers that a problem exists.

(Also Pan) – Pandemonium, pan-dimensional, panopticon, pandora, paan, pan de toit, pandemic, panorama, pancake, panoply, a cheeky nature goat from Greek mythology etc…

21 Canterbury artists interpret the theme “pan” for Eastside Gallery’s annual Multicultural Exhibition.

Opening Event: Thursday 4 February 5.30-6.45pm

Exhibition Dates: 4-20 February 2021

Location: Eastside Gallery, 388 Worcester St, Christchurch.

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5pm, free onsite parking.

Pan-Pan 2021