Dredging – a new history – three women printmaking – Tiffany Thornley – Jane Zusters – Robyn Webster: 9-28 August 2021

Tiffany says: The past is closer as I age. Dredging – delving – dig

Jane says: This work is about the power of words and how language is changing. A word we love like mother is being replaced by birthing parent. The new prints have intaglio prints from the 70’s like “Bedroom Jungle” sewn on them. 

Robyn says: The vessel has historically been associated with women’s bodies but think of all bodies as containers of life, memory and potential.

Robyn studied printmaking with Marilyn Webb and Chris de Jong at Dunedin Art School.

Tiffany and Jane shared a printmaking studio over 40 years ago. They studied with Barry Cleavin and Michael Reid at Christchurch Polytechnic.


Opening Event: Monday 9 August 5.30-7pm.

Hosted by: Eastside Gallery, 388 Worcester St, Christchurch.

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm, free onsite parking.